10 Reasons to Visit Palm Coast This Winter

10 Things to do in Palm Coast Near our Flagler Beach HotelWinters are a perfect time to pass some time in Palm Coast, Florida. It’s not too hot, never too cool, and often just right. Not to mention that there is no shortage of things to do or see on this stretch of the Florida Coast. Add to it a stay at our Flagler Beach hotel, right next to Palm Coast, and you have the perfect way to begin and end your day near Palm Coast, Florida — even if your plans take you no further than our beautiful oceanfront deck or our exclusive Atlantic Ocean beach. Begin planning your Palm Coast adventures by booking your room at our Flagler Beach Hotel today!

10 Fun Winter Outings in and Around Palm Coast

Flagler Beach, right next to the city of Palm Coast.

Sun, sand, surf, no shortage of great places to eat and drink — what’s not to love about Palm Coast and Flagler Beach? Here are 10 of our favorite outings in the area:

  1. European Village. This open-air market bills itself as “a one-stop-destination for all things dining, lounging, shopping, and entertainment,” and with its appealing blend of shops, restaurants, and bars, we think you’ll agree.
  2. Go golfing. There’s a number of top-rated courses in the area, including Palm Harbor Golf Club, Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa, Hammock Dunes Creek Course, Cypress Knoll Golf Course, Grand Haven Golf Club, and more.
  3. Take a chartered fishing trip. Are you hankering for redfish, snapper, flounder, spotted sea trout, or any of the other iconic game fish off Florida’s Atlantic Coast? There’s no shortage of seasoned skippers willing to take you out for a day to where they’re biting. A few of the local companies include Palm Coast Fishing Trips, Palm Coast Fishing & Boat Rental, Palm Coast Fishing, Salty Tales Fishing Charters, Three Lagoon Fishing Charters, and more.
  4. If you’re not into fishing but the idea of being out on the water with a splash of romance appeals to you, then consider a chartered sunset sailing cruise. You might even see some dolphins! Alex’s Sailing Dream, among others, has got you covered.
  5. Take a horseback ride. Through Equestrian Adventures of America, you can canter through the surf, trot along the trails or ride through a state park — whether you’re a novice or a more experienced rider. It’s a fun and safe way to take in the historical and natural beauty of Old Florida in all its stunning glory.
  6. Cruise the A1A. Highway 95 is for covering distance; the A1A, which runs parallel to it along the ocean for the length of the state, is for taking it slow so you can stare at … everything. Even a short jaunt, from, say, Flagler Beach to Marineland a short distance north is packed with the refreshing flavors of Old Florida — local restaurants, bars, and art galleries galore under mossy oaks.
  7. Not to be overlooked on the drive to Marineland is Marineland itself. The world’s first oceanarium, this roadside attraction was where many old movies were filmed. While the park is dedicated primarily to marine conservation and research, dolphins are still the stars there — and you can swim with them!
  8. Stroll the peaceful grounds of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. This Palm Coast oceanfront jewel features formal gardens with an ancient live oak as its centerpiece. Well-suited to hiking, biking and picnicking, this site is also famous for its unique shoreline of coquina rock formations along the Atlantic beach — perfect for beachcombing, tidal pool exploring, and photography.
  9. If Florida history appeals to you, there’s plenty of places in and around Palm Coast to immerse yourself in it. Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park offers a look at the ruins of a sugar mill and an antebellum plantation from the 1830s. The Florida Agricultural Museum presents a kid-friendly way to get in touch with your inner Florida “cracker.” And the Princess Place Preserve, also known as Cherokee Grove, is Flagler County’s first homestead. It’s home to a picturesque Adirondack-style hunting lodge dating back to the late 1800s.
  10. Don’t forget great dining! Here’s Yelp’s list of the best eateries in Palm Coast; and here’s our own list of handpicked restaurant suggestions up and down the coast (with many within walking distance of our Flagler Beach hotel).

10 Things to do in Palm Coast Near our Flagler Beach Hotel

Where to Stay When Exploring Palm Coast

Our Flagler Beach hotel is the perfect launching place for a day of exploration and adventure. Not only is our luxury oceanfront inn close to everything we’ve suggested, but our luxuriously appointed guest rooms, private beach, covered pavilion, oceanfront deck, and a multitude of fine-dining options may help you realize that what you’re looking for in a romantic getaway is just a few steps away. Reserve your room at our Flagler Beach Hotel now!

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